Products and Offers Overview

This article will go over the difference between a Membership Product, Offer, and Payment Product. The article will go over how they work together.

What is a Product? 

A product is a course (made up of categories and posts) that lives in your membership area.

What is an Offer? 

An offer is where you can bundle together one or more products and determine a price (If you are using the native check-out function with Stripe). 

For Example: 1 offer can be $$$ for 3 products, and another can be $ for 1 product.

Customers will only see what products are included in the offer they purchased.

What is a Payment Product? 

A payment product is found at Payments > Products. This is the way that you would add a product to a website or funnel. The payment product price has a toggle that you can use to link it to an offer. This offer would link any included membership products as a part of the purchase. See our other membership articles for more information.

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