Appointment Booking Process

You can book appointments for any of your Calendars in the Calendar tab. This is a great way to stay organized and easily add appointments to your day. In the left-hand sidebar choose Calendars, and click the “Book Appointment” option in the top right corner.

Step 1: Choose the contact you’d like to book with.

  • Choose the contact you’d like to book with. 
  • Find them in your contact list or add a new contact. 
  • To add a new contact, you’ll want their name, time zone, phone, and email for a complete profile. However, you only need either phone or email to continue.

Step 2: Fill out appointment details

  • On the right side, click on the Appointments tab and click on “Click here to create one”.

  • Fill in all the important data, such as which calendar you will be booking, if this will be assigned to a user, the time zone of the meeting, the meeting location, the appointment name, the status of the booking, and more.

  • Set the date and time. You can create a custom time for a client that’s different from the calendar’s standard slots by clicking “Custom” below the time slot.

  • Add the appointment title that you and your client will see. If you leave this blank, the appointment title you used when you created the calendar will auto-populate once you book the appointment.
  • You can also include an Appointment Description by clicking on “Add Description”.

  • Under Additional Preferences, you can customize the Meeting Location (if it’s different than the location specified in that calendar’s settings) and set the appointment status (confirmed/unconfirmed)

Step 3: View your appointment summary under Calendars

  • You can filter by date, users, calendars, and groups to find your appointment faster.

  • Keep in mind that you can also edit appointments and add guests as needed if it fits the calendar type.

Step 4: Going on vacation? Sick? Block off times you become unavailable—even if it contradicts the availability set in each of your calendars—so that no one can book at these times or on these days.

  • In any view (daily, weekly, monthly), drag across days or times you’ll be away.

  • When the pop-up appears, hit “Add Blocked Off time” (you can also book appointments this way).

  • Select the Team Member who this is for. You can do this for yourself and any team member if you are an admin in your account. 
  • Specify the Start and End Times for your time away. 
  • Give it a Title if you’d like for memory and greater transparency.
  • Save

NOTE: If you have integrated your Google/Outlook calendar into your account, you’ll be able to see events and appointments from these on your calendar, as well as respective date/time updates. 

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