How to Disable and Enable Calendar Services

This tutorial will teach you how to disable and enable calendar services. Maybe you have a service that you typically offer such as a 30 minute consultation or a demo, and you want to temporarily disable that calendar because you're not offering it right now. You can disable the calendar service, rather than having to delete a calendar. (You can always re-enable it later.) Follow these steps to learn how to disable and enable calendar services:

How to Disable Calendar Service

  • Navigate to Calendars.
  • Choose the one you’d like to disable, and click the 3-dot dropdown menu.

  • In the popup window, click OK to disable the service.

  • It’ll appear grayed out when it is disabled.

How to Enable Calendar Service

  • Click the 3-dot dropdown menu for the calendar you wish to reinstate, or enable.
  • Click “Enable Service”.
  • The calendar will be instantly re-enabled.

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