How to Add a Logo to Your Calendar

The Calendar widget logo is an important feature that can be customized to represent your client's company branding. 

By replacing the default logo with a custom logo that reflects your client's brand identity, the Calendar widget becomes more personalized and provides a more professional appearance to users.

The logo customization feature is easy to use and can be done by uploading a high-resolution image file that meets the required specifications. Once uploaded, the custom logo will replace the default logo on the Calendar Booking widget, providing a professional and personalized appearance representing your client's brand.

How to Add a logo to your Calendar Booking widget?

You can edit an existing Calendar or create one to add a logo. 

Go to Settings>Calendars

Click the three dots in front of the calendar you want to edit and choose Edit Calendar.

In the Meeting Details tab, add a logo:

Upload or drag and drop the SVG, JPG, or GIF.

Note: Max dimensions: 180x180px | Max Size: 2.5mb

After successfully uploading the image you can select a square or circle shape

Here is an example of this:

Once a logo has been added, you can always remove it or change later.

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