Settings: Calendars

Calendar settings are designed to simplify users' availability and assist with connections relating to Google Calendars, Google Ads, Outlook, Zoom, and Stripe. Many of these are settings that you may utilize for Group Calendars. When doing so, you will want to consider user availability and primary calendar connections! In some cases Unassigned Calendars are affected by these settings and the “week view” that shows in the calendar can be changed from here. This article will review the Settings interface and concepts to consider when using group calendars!

*Note: Group calendars are also known as round-robin calendars.

How to Create a Group

To utilize a group calendar you will need to create a group by selecting the create group button.

In the column for groups, you can find existing group names next to a folder icon. This will indicate that it is a group calendar.

Provide the name, description, and group slug.

*Note: The calendar slug is used to make URLs and embed code for the group involved.

Group tab overview

You can rearrange the order of the calendars displayed in the calendar tab from the group tab by clicking on the menu dots and selecting “Rearrange Calendars”.

You can search the group settings tab with keywords.

Action Dropdown

  • Edit Group
  • Copy Group embed code that displays a page with the group name and description
  • Copy the link that displays a page with the group name and description
  • Rearrange Calendars
  • Deactivate calendars in the group from the menu dots for that group
  • Delete Group

Calendar Tab Overview

You can search the calendar settings tab with keywords and apply filters

Action Dropdown

  • Edit specific calendar settings
  • Duplicate the calendar selected
  • Copy the Embed code for the booking widget
  • Copy the link that displays a booking widget
  • Deactivate the calendar selected
  • Move the group calendar to another group
  • Delete Group

*Note: If you don’t see “Move to group” then it’s an unassigned/event calendar.

How to Create a Group Calendar

Select the “Create Calendar” button, Select the “Round Robin Booking” type, and Select group

Go to advanced settings instead of the quick setup menu to add a group in the Meeting Details tab. To add a group after creating it use the main menu dots to expand the options for this calendar and move to the group or go to edit the calendar and select the group from the Meeting Details area.

*Note: Please see the article Calendar Setup 101 for more information on calendar creation details.

Account Preference and User Preference

Account Preference

  • View options are available for changing the day the week starts in the calendar view
  • Booking widget language selection and time format can be changed here
  • You can also change the day the week starts for the booking widget

User Preference

  • Custom meeting locations are an option alongside integrations for Zoom and Google Meet links.

User and Account Connections

Account Connections

You can set up Stripe connections for paid appointments and connect Local Ads from this menu.

User Connections

User calendar connections can be set up from this location to sync appointments and consider availability when booking with the widget for a group calendar.

Outlook and Google Integrations are available for this purpose when using group calendars.

You would connect your Zoom account from this menu if you want to use meeting links.

User availability is an important feature with group calendars, will check the group user’s availability before allowing an appointment to show on the booking widget.

You would also set your Timezone from this page for calendar use.

You can add additional timeframes for availability and from the Monday section, you could copy the timeframe to all days.

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