How to Create a Service Calendar

A Service Calendar is a specialized calendar format designed to streamline the booking process for businesses that offer various services. This calendar allows the integration of different services, categorizing them into groups and showcasing them all under one cohesive scheduling link, known as the Service Menu.

These calendars integrate seamlessly with staff availability. You can assign services to specific team members, set service durations, and even process payments during the booking process.

How to Set Up a Service Calendar

 Step 1: Initiate Calendar Configuration

  •  Log in to your account, navigate to the Calendars section, and select Calendar Settings.
  • Within this tab, select "Create Calendar" and opt for "Service Calendar."

 Key Details to Include:

Calendar Name: Choose a name that represents your service.

Calendar Description: Provide a concise overview of what the calendar entails.

Staff Assignment and URL: Assign relevant staff and create a unique URL for the calendar.

Service Duration: Clearly state how long each service will take.

 Step 2: Enhance Service Details

  • Add a logo to your service. This will be displayed on the appointment booking widget specifically for this service calendar.

Note: The service logo is distinct from the Service Cover Image used for Service Menus or Groups.

  • If you plan to include this calendar in a Service Menu, assign it to a relevant group (in group integration) for better organization.

  • Personalize the title of the calendar event as it appears in calendars like Google Calendar or Outlook in the Appointment Invite Customization field. Choose an event color for easy identification.

 Step 3: Define Availability Parameters

  • In the Appointment Duration field, set the length of each service appointment.
  • In the Post Appointment Buffer field, include additional time post appointments for transitions.
  • In the Minimum Scheduling Notice field, establish how far in advance bookings need to be made.
  • In the Future Booking Range field, decide the maximum advance booking period.

Step 4: Forms and Payments

  • In the Forms Configuration field, choose between default or custom forms for client information collection.

Note: Custom forms apply only to direct bookings on a Service Calendar. Default forms are used for bookings through the Service Menu.

  • In the Confirmation Page Customization field, select between a thank you message or a redirection URL post-booking

  • If accepting payments, link your payment gateway under Settings > Integrations.

 Step 5: Notifications and Customizations

  • Configure who receives notifications and set up Google invitation emails.

  • Upload an image that represents your service, appearing in menus and widgets.

  • Include any extra information in Google invitations (ensure "Allow Google Calendar to Send Invitations" is enabled).

 Step 6: Rooms and Equipment Allocation

  •  Associate your service calendar with specific rooms and equipment from your predefined list.

  • Upon completion, save your settings, and your Service Calendar is ready for use.

Key Features of the Service Calendar

1. Multi-Service Bookings: Allows bookings for various services for an individual or a group.

2. Fixed Slot Interval: Operates at a 15-minute interval, enhancing scheduling efficiency.

3. Staff Linked Availability: Reflects only the availability of assigned staff members.

4. Group and Service Menu Integration: For showcasing different services under one link, first create groups, then assign service calendars to these groups, and finally configure your Service Menu.

To learn more about the Service Menu feature, please read the article, ”Overview of the Service Menu in Calendars”. To learn more about 

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