How To Use The Dashboard

Your Dashboard is an overview of your business. This is the first thing that you will see when you log into . It will outline the progress and performance of your business. Here are the potential different parts of your default Dashboard:

Row 1:

  • Opportunity Status: Status of Leads in your Pipeline
  • Opportunity Value: All your leads' total worth
  • Conversion Rate: Percentage of your ‘WON’ leads/accounts

Row 2:

  • Funnel: A visual representation of what stages your opportunities are within your Pipeline
  • Stages Distribution: This is a cycle graph of your Pipeline

Row 3:

  • Manual Actions: An overview of manual actions 
  • Tasks: A list of assigned tasks for one or all users within your account.

Row 4:

  • Lead Source Report: Here you can see where your leads came from and what their values are.

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