Adding a Trailer Video

We highly suggest adding a Trailer Video to your Mastermind course, as this is a great tool to utilize! This is mainly a resource used as a sales video to sell people on what your course is about, and to get them really excited about your brand!

While we do not currently have an option to make a video trailer in-app, there are some great tools found online that we recommend using!

They are:



Now, we will go step-by-step with you to help upload your Trailer Video!

Step 1. Locate the Edit Product Details page of your mastermind. (View screenshot below for assistance).

Step 2. Scroll down on this screen to locate the Media section. Here, you can either upload your trailer video directly from your laptop/desktop by clicking the upload icon inside the box. OR if your trailer video is uploaded on Youtube or Vimeo, just copy and paste the link in the given field below.


  • The size limit for your videos is: a Maximum size of 1 GB (1000 Megabytes) ✔️
  • The acceptable formats are: .mov .mp4 or .mkv

NOTE: If your video exceeds the file size limit, you can upload your video to either Youtube or Vimeo, then copy the link and paste it on the field that says:

Link to your Vimeo or YouTube trailer video (optional)

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