How To Navigate and Use Reporting Dashboard

The Reporting Dashboard is a feature of that allows you to easily pull reports and review data and metrics for a variety of predetermined reportable features. is capable of providing data and graphs for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Attribution, Call Reporting, Agent Reporting, and Appointments.

NOTE: If you wish to use the Google Ads or Facebook ads reports, you will need to have your Google and/or Facebook account integrated into _CompanyName.

Here’s a brief overview of the reports you may have available:

  • Google Ads: provides metrics for campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, and conversions
  • Facebook Ads: data available for campaigns, AdSets, ads, and demographics
  • Attribution Report: gives an overview of the source and conversions for your forms, surveys, and calendars
  • Call Reporting: includes statics on call duration, answered vs. missed calls, and more
  • Agent Report: gives an overview of call metrics, SMS and email statistics, and more for your team of users/agents
  • Appointment Report: displays various graphs and statistics on appointment outcomes and more

Check out our in-depth tutorial articles for each specific report to understand the metrics, filters, and customizable features for the individual report. You can review each report as often as you want for the latest, most up to date information and metrics.

NOTE: If you wish to view reporting metrics for one single day, be sure to check that date as the start and and end date. You must have both selected in order for the stats to appear. The example below shows how you can run reporting for January 1, 2022 by choosing January 1st as the start and end date:

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