Advanced Data Points in Call Reporting

This feature has a range of enhancements and features designed to streamline the call reporting experience and empower the user with deeper insights into their customer interactions.

  • Streamlined Call Reporting Flow: We’ve reimagined the reporting interface to provide a separate view of the incoming and outgoing call reports, making it easier than ever to analyze and compare call data.
  • Call Status breakdowns: We understand the power of seeing information about the progress and outcome of a call and that’s why we include the breakdown of different call statuses.
    • Missed/No Answer
    • Declined/Cancelled
    • Failed
    • Voicemail statuses
    • Incoming and Outgoing calls.
    • Busy
  • First-time callers chart - We’ve included charts that showcase first-time calls status breakdown to give insights about leads who reached out to the business for the very first time
  • Introduced call duration stats - Average call duration and total call duration as two stats for all-time calls and first-time calls to help determine the quality of conversations.
  • Uncover Top Call Sources: With our interface, you can effortlessly explore the top sources of incoming calls. Gain insights into which source is performing better for you and optimize your marketing strategies.
  • Uncover Top Call Agents: Top Agent chart for outgoing calls, helping the user identify their most productive team members and replicate their success.
  • Enhanced Table Functionality: Allows the user to switch between different tabs, including All, Incoming, and Outgoing, ensuring they have the flexibility to focus on the specific data needed. Furthermore, we’ve introduced column selection, empowering the user to customize the table view by selecting the columns that matter most.

How to use this feature:

Navigate to Reporting > Call Reporting and view the ingoing and outgoing tabs


You can filter by date, number, source & campaign, source type, qualified lead, first time, call status, device type, duration, keywords, landing page, and referrer.

  • Click on the Filters button to accomplish this

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