Custom Fields for Opportunities

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on utilizing the powerful custom fields feature for opportunities in our management system. This versatile tool allows you to capture and organize additional information tailored to your specific business needs, providing you with unparalleled flexibility and convenience. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps of creating and using custom fields, ensuring that you can fully leverage this feature to enhance your opportunities management. Let's get started!

Understanding Custom Fields

  • The custom fields feature empowers you to expand the capabilities of our opportunities management system.
  • Create and add custom fields to capture essential data that goes beyond standard fields.
  • Tailor opportunities to your unique requirements with custom fields designed for your business needs.
  • This interface ensures that you can swiftly access and update custom fields without unnecessary clicks or confusion.
  • You can experiment with different field types, organize custom fields creatively, and build an opportunities management process that aligns perfectly with your business goals.

How to use this feature

  • Navigate to the Opportunities section and select an existing opportunity or create a new one by clicking the "+ Opportunity" button.

  • In the opportunity card, find the "Add/Manage Fields" option to access the custom fields area.

  • This grants you the ability to shape your opportunities and collect relevant data for better decision-making.

Creating Custom Fields for Opportunities

  • In the custom fields area, you have the flexibility to create new custom fields or edit existing ones.
  • Click the "+ Add field" button to create a new field and provide the necessary details such as field name, type, and relevant settings.

Note: Standard fields are fixed and cannot be edited.

  • Customize fields to hold vital information specific to your business, enhancing opportunities management.
  • You can create fields to track unique opportunity characteristics, capture specific client requirements, or record internal notes for each opportunity.
  • Once you have selected the custom field type that you prefer and click on next ensure to select the object as Opportunity and for the group you can select the default or a custom group you create(Please see next section). This will populate the field into all opportunity cards.

Organizing with Custom Folders

  • Categorize and group your custom fields for opportunities into custom folders, just like in the contacts area. To accomplish this select the “Add Folder” folder button and ensure the object is set to Opportunity and save it to use the custom folder in Opportunities.

  • Efficiently manage large sets of custom fields by organizing them into folders.
  • For example, create folders based on different stages of your sales process or the type of opportunities you handle.

Populating Custom Fields

After creating custom fields, they will be available for all cards within the opportunities area.

Populate the custom fields with relevant information to gain valuable insights into each opportunity.

Tailor your strategies and decision-making process based on the customized data.

For instance, you can use custom fields to track potential revenue, estimated close dates, or specific products/services associated with each opportunity.

Cleaning Up with "Hide Empty Fields"

Maintain a clear and focused view of your opportunity cards with the "Hide Empty Fields" option.

Enable this setting to display only fields that contain data, reducing visual clutter and distractions.

Enhance the readability of your opportunities and stay focused on relevant information.

By hiding empty fields, you ensure that only the most pertinent details are visible, making it easier to assess the status of each opportunity at a glance.

This setting is visible when you edit an opportunity or after adding a field.


Congratulations on completing the guide to custom fields for opportunities. You now possess the knowledge to harness the full potential of this feature, streamlining your opportunities management and elevating your business processes. Embrace the flexibility, creativity, and organization this feature offers, and unlock new possibilities in your journey to success.

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